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Rekordbox Transferring - in need of help

A couple of months ago I bought a new Macbook (Air) and started using Rekordbox to grid my tracks and create hot cue's. What I did was whenever I had a new track, I'd categorize all tracks in self-created new maps instead of categorizing it via iTunes playlists. Now, I have a lot of tracks ready to mix, almost all of them are corrected with the good grid and almost all of them have hot cue's. But I now have double tracks on my Mac. One track in the self-created map, and the same one in my iTunes music library maps. What I did was transfer the tracks from my self-created maps to Rekordbox, but found out that you can categorize it more easily using iTunes AND that you can transfer playlists easy via iTunes.

I need to know how I can change the source/location of all my tracks (from the self-made map to a iTunes playlist) without losing all my hot cue's and other tags on the tracks. If someone could help me out, you'd be my hero.