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Keyboard shortcut to add track in playlist

Hi guys,

I recently moved from traktor to rekordbox-cdjs but there is some small thingy I am missing when preparing my playlist.

Now to add tracks to a playlist I need either drag and drop or right click..add to playlist...chossing playlist in particular. Drag and drop is not that bad though but I would love a keyboard shortcut to do it.

In traktor there is a way to set a "preparation playlist" and then shortcut to "add track to preparation list" which does the trick very quick and simple. So I select a track, press the keyboard key mapped to add to preparation list, and there it goes!

Is there a way to do it with rekordbox? I have not found it in the keyboard mapping options so far but maybe there is another way to do it... Please let me know :)


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I'm sorry this was missed back in 2015... but yes, there is a "preparation" list called a "tag list". The keyboard shortcut is available under the BROWSE item:

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