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A real solution for the HDJ 500 headband issues?

Hi there

As the title may reveal I own a HDJ 500 with a broken headband. It's the known issue where the sidepieces of the headband break, right next to where they are attached to the top piece (with the Pioneer logo). In my case I have one side that already completely snapped and the other side showing cracks.
I also know a few other people who either have cracks or a completely snapped headband, and this all within a year of normal use. There are also a few threads here on the forums for the same issue, so it’s certainly not an uncommon problem.

There are 2 reasons I don’t like to just return the unit to the dealer:

  1. Apparently headband issues are not covered by warranty because they break quite often. (Well, maybe that indicates that something is wrong with the design of the headphones?)

  2. Because there are so many complains about the HDJ 500’s headband I also think this is a more structural problem with this model. This is also why I believe that simply getting a replacement headphone won’t solve anything, because it will simply break again...

What I’d basically like is that we can come to a solution where all current HDJ 500 owners have their problems with a clearly faulty unit solved and where Pioneer can continue to sell the product (maybe in a revised form) to new customer knowing that they are not going to suffer the same issue which existing customers are having right now.


Stan Wijckmans



@Stan > All Pioneer DJ products are covered by a 1 year warranty within the USA, including the headphones.

We recommend you contact Pioneer technical support if you have issues with a product breaking, as each is dealt with on a case-by-case basis and they can provide the best instruction for repair or replacement, in or out of warranty.

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@Stan > I've asked the support team to provide a statement on this.

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