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"Good match" in Link mode


sometimes i just play around with my XDJ-RX, try out different tracks - maybe new ones which i still don't know in details - and i use LINK mode to load tracks onto RX.

I think it would be pretty awesome to have a button between two decks (where you drag and drop tracks) for "good match" tag.

So when i play around, when tracks are really a good match, i would just press that button and there would be no need to do it later.

What you think?

I have also noticed that i can not chagne tag information while in LINK mode. Don't know why is that, but it would be great to be able to.

I mentioned earlier, sometimes we just play around, and even get a better feeling of how track feels when it is actually being mixed and not played alone. So when i play it, mix it, i would like to sometimes change the color tag, or some other info (comments etc...)

Missing that.

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