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Plx 1000 Turntable with Hinged Dust Cover

Realizing this turntable was made for DJ use however, those of us who are not would love a hinged dustcover.  Everytime I play a record, I have to take the dustcover off and place it somewhere.  When done, put it back on.  So much easier if it was hinged....UP & DOWN, UP & DOWN.....!

Hoping Pioneer will consider doing this.  I know they have the PL -30-K for home use that has a hinged dustcover but it does not compare with the quality of the PLX 1000.  Technics came out with them in their prime also because they knew a lot of people used them at home.


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@Lew > Most DJs removed the hinges from their SL-1200 dust covers. so Pioneer DJ figured "Why bother?"

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