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XDJ - AERO and CrossDJ from Mixvibes

Hi - hope this is ok to ask here.

I noticed today's announcement of Mixvibes CrossDJ 2.6 and that it now supports (1 way for now) syncronisation with Rekordbox. So, the tracklists, hotcue and memory cue points you set in CrossDJ can then be sent over to Rekordbox and thos tracks updated.

As a DJ who much prefers working with the Pioneer USB/Rekordbox workflow (I have an AERO at home and use that or the clubs CDJ2000s for some of my gigs) - but for some other of my gigs which are hugely request heavy I still use Traktor with my Aero as the controller (great TSI for that btw!!)

But it's a chore to maintain the two worlds, and I'd be fine jumping ship from Traktor to another platform that had a tie in with Rekordbox (know Mixvibes writes that software)

So just hoped, would my AERO work with CrossDJ (preferably in HID) and is there an official mapping to get them to work together ?

If not, is there any chance of one on the way ?

Jane Dalton