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My CDJ 800MK2 isn't powering on and could use some help if anybody has any answers

Was using the CDJ 800MK2 perfectly fine an hour ago and now it is refusing to power on. Its an American made deck so i use a converter from UK mains.

I have a fear that it may have been plugged in directly from UK Mains, if this is the case would it cause this problem? and is there any fix if it has?

If it wouldn't cause the problem does anybody have any ideas? Thanks

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Sorry to say, if you've connected it to a power supply dealing double the specified voltage requirements, you've (at the very least) fried the fuse.

Unfortunately nobody here is authorized to provide you with the technical instructions for disassembly and/or repair of your CDJ, please contact Pioneer tech support for further information or to arrange to have your CDJ serviced.

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