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Pioneer C70 headphones

Let me start of by saying that the sound from these headphones are great!

but my problem is the headband, i've been through so many headphones TMA1-AIAIAI (Headband was terrible)
Pioneer hdj 1500 & 2000 (found them to big)
Sennis hd25

I thought i found a gem when i bought the c70s, they sounded superb and felt great but again i had one problem the headband snapped, in half!
Totally gutted about and the other problem is the parts are so hard to find, ive found a company that sells the headband for £70 but i paid £139 for the headphones, i might as well buy a new set.

can anyone help me out as pioneer always say (please contact your UK stockist) has anyone got a place that are selling them cheap as im sure it might break again

suraj sol




I'm in two minds wether to buy a pair of these.
I've seen them on a website for £108, new, which I think is a good deal.

I've still got a decent pair of Denon headphones which produce great sound
but I find myself and the floor covered in little black bits of the rubber headband coating
after each use due to years of usage.

My concerns are how easy the headband boke on your set?
Was it through vigorous use?

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it wasnt that vigorous. the parts are not that easy to replace as they cost a bomb. what website did you see these headphones on for that price?
Ill try to and contact Pioneer tomorrow, but if the headphone band is going to cost an arm and a leg I might change my headphones all together.

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