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Monitor speakers

Hi guys,

I'm looking to buy a pair of active speakers for my xdj rx unit. I was playing it through a stereo, but the speakers blew on that, so I'm looking for a pair of powered monitors to play it through. They don't have to be mega loud, I only play in my bedroom, for the most part. I looked at the Mackie cr3, has anyone any experience with them? Or what would you recommend? I had a pair years ago, but they also blew. Ideally looking to spend about £100, can go higher though. 

Ryan Reid



As Pioneer makes powered speakers, we can't discuss competitor's products.

I suggest you check out the S-DJ50X, the lowest-price Pioneer monitor. They put out a decent sound for the price.





Using a pair of S-DJ80X as booth , really great sound, but as my room is very large, I have another pair of Yamaha HS 8, sorry for that Pulse, hope you can forgive me  :-*

In combination, the Sound s really brilliant for home studio. Comparing the current price, the Pioneer Speakers are even cheaper. That speaks for the pioneer ;)

I strongly suggest to visit your local music stuff dealer to check and compare stuff before buying, there is a hell of a difference between active speakers, you have to find out which speaker sounds best for you and fits to your setup and of course to your funding.


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I bought a pair of cr4s, although I'm certain the pioneer is a far superior product, 😉. They're arriving tomorrow, I couldn't go too long without playing my decks (yay pioneer!). I hadn't heard them before I ordered them, but my brother is a producer, he thinks they should do the job, although he also recommended the pioneers, as they are clearly a superior speaker! Hope that slips past the censors...

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