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Nexus 2 or possibly not. Please help


I've had cdjs and djm since the 1000s and 500 mixer. Always loved pioneer and always upgraded with the latest top line equipment. 

I've recently sold my 2000s and 900 with a thought to get the nexus 2 gear when released. This is the first time I've been a little hesitant to go for it. Money doesn't concern me too much but must admit the shear cost of 2 cdj nexus 2 and a 900 nexus 2 is crazy money especially with the choices on the market these days. 

I would  really like 3 cdjs but spending close to £7000 seems mad but I do have it and am willing.  I've always been a fan of traktor but the whole controller thing scares me somewhat. 

What do you guys think. Has anyone moved from form cdjs and enjoying things more. I know a lot of pro djs are moving away to traktor and others but feel like a move maybe the wrong move in the long run. 


Any help is appreciated. Thanks. 

Mike Fearn




Maybe you should get 2 of the new CDJ-NXS2 and consider an XDJ as your third deck?

That could be a worthwhile compromise.

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