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Using Rekordbox lighting with Equinox quad starcloth


I'm using an FLX10 to drive a Gigbar + ILS with DMX using Rekordbox lighting.  It's fantastic.

I just bought an Equinox DJ booth with a quad colour starcloth.  That is less impressive when being driven by Rekordbox lighting.

I've selected the Quad-colour 28 channel starcloth driver.  It drives the starcloth.....but it just doesn't do very much.  I suspect the issue is with the lighting type selection.  I've tried all of them (par light 1, par light 2 etc.), but none do a great deal.  I want the starcloth to go wild with many colours just like the gigbar does.  Has anyone has any success driving a quad colour starcloth with Rekordbox lighting please?  Any tips gratefully received.  Thanks!


Lee Johnson