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Rekordbox Link mode for LAN do I need a license to Rekordbox DJ or can I use Rekordbox Music Management

Hi There,

I just bought myself a XDJ-RX all in one system and I love it so far.

I installed Rekordbox music management for the first time on my Mac and I wanted to use Link mode to stream my music playlist instead of a USB stick.

So when I first installed the software I got 2 selections to use Rekordbox.

The first icon was an image of a CDJ with a USB to the top left side and the description describes using Rekordbox to manage the USB stick.

The second icon was an image of CDJ connecting to a laptop. (which I assume is what I am doing using LINK mode).

So i clicked the second icon and I get this message about trying a out a 30 day trial for Rekordbox DJ.  So i selected the Rekordbox DJ for a 30 day trial mode with a trial license.

But I don't want to use Rekordbox DJ as MIDI for my XDJ-RX - I am ready have Traktor Scratch Pro 2 and can already do that.

I only want to use the Rekordbox music management part and Link through my LAN and have my XDJ-RX control the playlist through the LAN.

Right now I have it all working, but I am not sure if I require the Rekordbox DJ license or not.

If I do not require the Rekordbox DJ License, how to do I uninstall Rekordbox DJ trial license or uninstal Rekordbox on my Mac and redo a clean install with Rekordbox Music Management.

I would hate to be in a middle of a set and all of a sudden my Rekordbox stops working because of the license.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

BTW, the XDJ-RX out classes the Denon MC series by a long shot.


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No you don't have to buy any license unless you explicitly know you need one.

There is the EXPORT and PERFORMANCE mode of the RB.

The export one is for managing the music and is free (I understand that this is what you want)

The performance is where your controller acts like a midi controller and you are mixing on the computer (its a full dj software). This is paid.

As long as you are planning to use the rekordbox only for music preparation, switch to the Export mode (on the drop down menu on the top of the screen) and forget that there is something else :-)

You can't uninstall the dj part as the both parts are still the one application.

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