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Find missing files, please help!

I've checked the other posts concerning this but it is not working for me. I moved my music on my hard disk form an external disk (NAS) in hope it would import my Itunes better because almost half of my playlists were not being imported. Luckily that problem has been resolved, but now I have my house and disco music that can only be relocated one at at ime. Sometimes it finds more than one track, but most of the time it does not and so even it's in the same folder you have to relocate every single track. Why is it so hard for Rekordbox to figure this out? I only moved my Itunes folder, the House folder and Disco folder from the external drive and put them on my Imac. So all the paths are in fact the same as before only from a different location. Is there no easier way to do this? I'm missing thousands of tracks! I'm not doing them one by one! Please help!

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