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Rekordbox and DDJ-RX questions ?

Hey guys ! I'm new here and i have a few questions agout Rekordbox and ddj-rx !

1) I set up a hot cue  and i press it to play the the song and while i press the cue button the song stop playing as normal. But it doesn't begins from the hot cue when i press it for second time... How can i change this ?

2) Imagine that i have a file with all my music and in there i have seperate files... How can analyse all of them without analysing each file ?

3) When you press Shift and hot cue the pads les say that the firs tow pads allow you to jumb a beat forward an backward. Can i change this by doing the similar with Release FX cnob ? 

4) When i touch the top of the jog weel the song stop playing because of the scratch as normal.. how can i disable this ? 

thanks for your time and be polite if i'm repeating the same questions !!!

Chris Li 回答済み



Hi Chris,


1) Enable Gate Playback

2) To batch analyze tracks, simply select all the tracks you want analyze, right-click (command+click on Mac) and select "Analyze Tracks."


3) Pressing [SHIFT] + [HOT CUE] activates BEAT JUMP mode.  The Release FX knob can only control the parameters of the Release FX.


4) This is because you are in VINYL mode.  You can switch to CDJ mode by pressing the [SHIFT] + [SLIP] buttons.

Mark Gallo
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