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Mobile DJ Set Up

Hey Guys,

I'm gonna have my first mobile gig and I currently own an XDJ-RX, 1 EV ETX 15p (2000Watts), 1 ETX 18sp (1800Watts), and a Behringer Q802USB mixer. I bought a Ryobi 2200 Watt peak/1800 running watt generator. I was curious if any of you guys know if that will be sufficient power for my rig. 

in the EV manual it states that both the 15p and the 18sp use 1.8AMPS @ 100V. so that should no more than 360 watts for the speakers and i can't imagine the RX + 802USB would use more than 75 watts running?

Does this sound correct to you guys?  I would love some input from a veteran. This equipment is my baby i spent so much money and worked so many hours to buy this lol 

heres links to all my stuff for better clarification.





Ps. I also have a Monster PRO 3500 power conditioner (http://www.amazon.com/Monster-MP-PRO-3500-12-Outlet/dp/B0002PZGNY.) should i bring that for protection for my gear or will it overload my system? and i have an Smart UPS APC 1500 back up battery also. 

Thank you for any help i receive. 

-Dj Ciress

Phillip Jason