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Some Questions bcs Pioneer equip

I'm planing to buy myself the Pioneer XDJ-RX and two Pioneer DJ S-DJ80X monitors.

My questions are:

  1. Can I user both monitors on XDJ-RX?

  2. What connection should I prefer? 12,3 Vrms (XLR) or 7,8 Vrms (Cinch)?
    Some suggestions what cable I should buy would be nice too. :)

  3. I want to use my monitor as Studio Monitor for mixing and for small Partys AS PA-Club speakers "light" in my flat.
    Is the DJ S-DJ80X a good choice for this purpose or are theyre better monitors outside for this?

  4. The main genre I play is EDM (Progressiv House, Deep House, Electro House and Trance) with vocals here and there.
    Are the speaker a good choice for this kind of music?
    Hows the low-high frequence and the vocal playback?
    I red that some monitors have the problem that the vocals sounds rly dull.
    Bcs the trance genre I need a clear voice playback and hope that this monitores are the right choice for it. :)

Thanks in advance for your help


Dan Record




@Dan > I would recommend using two speakers as opposed to one, if that's what you were asking. Any connection will do - the RX features an XLR and RCA master output, but you could use the TRS booth-out if you prefer.

The S-DJ80X are not designed for "party" applications and have been tuned for studio / reference use. If you're looking for better volume-per-$$, you'd be better off with another pair of speakers.

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hey pulse,

no, would like to know if I can connect 2 speaker on the XDJ-RX conxole (are theyre enough slots for 2 speakers?)

Whats the difference betwen monitor and party speakers?
Is the volume to low? the range to low?
Its not for a big party where club PA speakers required.....only for 20 qm room with 20-30 persons.

I red somwhere that I can use the S-DJ80X for monitoring as well as for small partys.

But if not any suggstion what speakers I can use for both purposes?

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Yes... you can connect SIX speakers! Left and Right to each of the RCA and XLR master outputs, plus the booth TRS outputs.

While they can get loud, I still wouldn't suggest the S-DJ80X for parties either, but they would certainly fill a 20sqm room.

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