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External USB devices in Performance mode


When I switch to Performance mode in rekordbox, my external USB devices, prepared in Export mode, disappear from the bottom of the tree view on the left. I can only browse them in the explorer but it is useless, since I can only see the directory structure.

Is there a way to read in Performance mode the USB devices prepared in Export mode and connected to the PC?

Thank you.

Hentoneuf 回答済み



This currently not possible but will be addressed in a future update.  Thank you for your patience.

Mark Gallo
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Any update on when this feature will be added?  It's been two months since this post was created.  My jaw literally dropped when I saw Devices can't be viewed in Performance mode.  WHY?

Please add this ASAP!

edit:  Now I'm seeing there are posts regarding the same issue from as early as October 2015.

I'm bewildered.  How in the world has this not been addressed when so many users are requesting it?  For any rekordbox DJ user with more than one computer, this feature is CRUCIAL.

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It is entirely to do with how the rekordbox database works. The rekordbox team has indicated they are working to add it in a future release but we don't have a guarantee of this implementation or a timeline for it. Thanks for your patience.

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