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Thanks for your support Pioneer....

Well guys, thank you! Thanks to your asshole marketing policy and thanks to your arrogancy. My yesterday's rider was unexpectedly equipped by nxs2 so I was screwed due to no hid as serato can't license it (was told so). Thanks very much for being "industry standard" which no longer supports anything else than its own stuff - thats very proffesional.... Your management maging these decisions are bunch of idiots destroying your name and in light of my other issues I have (no nxs2 customer == we don't care about you any longer), I really regret that I ever bought anything from you and so supported you becoming so ignorant and self confident as you currently are because it turns against those, who should be the most important for you - your customers.

Shame on you, you greedy jerks! Never ever was so much disappointed by any company I used to love so much.





wow I'm not really sure what happened, but it must have been bad.  Hopefully some 

time will cool things off a bit.  Whatever it is you're feeling, I understand completely,

I felt that way, still do, about Numark.  I regrettably bought into the CDX when it came 

out, and am now stuck with worthless paper weights.  They never fixed the issues that 

EVERYONE had, and dealt with, it was a product not fit for what it's purpose was.  

I'm really surprised that they are still a relevant company and people actually buy their 

products, I will not, EVER.  I have not experienced that issue with Pioneer, in fact they

have surpassed my expectations and surprised me too.  Industry standard, high 

Quality, Great support, just Fantastic brand really...you get what you pay for here.

I've been DJ'ing since 1986, 87...I've just about bought, and owned gear from all the

major companies.  The only company that was reliable for a long time, TECHNICS.

I feel that way about Pioneer in the current era, they are rock solid and RELIABLE.

I hope your issues get resolved, and I'm sure they will.

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Hey Marek,

I understand that you are upset because you can`t perform your gig, but to be onest, I`m not that shure if you can blame Pioneer for this.

First of all, it`s well known that the NXS 2 is not suported by Serato, and it´s on Serato`s side that the NXS 2 is not supported.

Second, if you`ve been not correct informed about the gear you have to use, maybe you asked not or you received the wrong information, but how can this be the fault of Pioneer?

Third, if you had already brought a USB device with your music, exported out of the free Pioneer RB SW, that should be a standard backup for notebook DJ`s on CDJ`s, all that whould have not been a big deal at all.

When you went thru your emotions, maybe it`s smart to adapt your routines, to avoid such issues in the future. Please don`t take this words as an offence, it`s just a well meant tip.

Sorry for my bad English, it is not my native language.

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@Marek, sorry about the gig and the issue that has been announced and long understood since January when the gear came out.  Also it was announced that PIONEER was working with Serato and Traktor to make the gear certified, it is not presently since it is set up for Rekordbox and Rekordbox DJ.  I can understand getting to a gig and finding out that the gear won't work with your existing set-up.  I can go over all the back up plans (SL-3/4 box with SSL or better Rekordbox DJ or Rekordbox with USB sticks), but that won't help after the fact. 


We greatly appreciate the support of our customers and are always looking out for them with our gear.  The issue here will be resolved and the information is now out so these situations should be handled better in the future, but again sorry that you had the issue.  Please understand that we never, ever, set out to ruin a DJs gig, we only set out to make it better.....



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Hi guys,

Too many emotions in my first post...- it was too raw :-D The true is that it failed everywhere (I left my RB usb's at home as I wasn't expecting to use them, Serato doesn't talk to Pioneer and Pioneer doesn't talk to Serato, the club haven't announced that there will be the new nxs they just purchased, RB DJ doesn't support the sound manipulation features I need etc etc.......).

The problem was that my gig was build on Serato because on this routine, I am using lots of key changes and currently only Serato allows me to do that using the P'n'T so the RB DJ was not the way (if nothing else THIS is where the Serato rules - the key sync and key change :-) )....

I am well aware that few my last posts on the forum might sound like I am hating/trolling here but on the other hand, with introducing the nxs2, everything goes somehow wrong and I feel like there are no other customers and products for Pioneer except the nxs2 that worth attention/updates any longer (yes I am talking about the facts about the future update for the current cdj/xdj product line).

This is very disappointing for me and when you have such first hands on experience with the nxs2 like I had, it was simply just more than enough :(

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@ Marek, you won't get a Porsche engine in a Vauxhal ;) 

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