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Relocating Files Bug?


Background: I've recently moved all my music files and rekordbox database to an external ssd, so i can have the same rekordbox library and database on two computers (desktop and laptop).

Today I was going through and reorganizing some file structures on the ssd in windows explorer. 

Followed the process as per Pulse's YouTube video and forums threads etc. However when relocating over 400 files at once I have run into this a few times:

This window pops up x amount of times, where x = total number of missing tracks

So for relocating 24 tracks, 24 of these windows would pop up (it might be 24-1=23 i am unsure)

This became an issue when id try to relocate 400 tracks - 400 of these annoying windows popped up - freezing and then crashing rekordbox

This error doesnt make sense to me and i was wondering if someone could explain

I dont know why its asking me to go to cloud library sync, this had nothing to do with cloud storage, was all local

I think I found a fix via advanced>database>auto relocate search folders: turn off music video and desktop, turn on specified user folder which in my case was a folder called 'Music' on my ssd

Then using the auto-relocate button it did it all pretty much instantly with no window pop ups

Unsure if this is a bug or i have a setting wrong, was also just jotting down my encounters for future reference

Thanks in advance


Hayden Jefferies