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Replace WAV with AIFF

I've converted the WAV files in my library to AIFF (since AIFF supports metadata). I have since moved the legacy WAV files to another folder so I could "Display All Missing Files" and choose the AIFF versions of my files to replace them, but the Missing File Manager will not let me select the track in a different format than it was originally in. This means I would have to manually import all my AIFF files, sort them into their respective playlists, and in the process lose all my history and cue point data. There has to be a way to just drop in a replacement for each file in a format other than the one it was originally in. This seems like it should be a no brainer... Any advice?

Keith SK Kocienski 回答済み



Nope, even if they're two identical songs in different format, the database doesn't allow for a replacement or "swap." You may be able to change the respective entries in the database to point to the new files, but having never tried it, I'm not certain it would work and I will not provide the information to do so as it is not a supported modification and could damage your database.

Even if you do manage to change the files, there may be other glitches with regards to the file and beat grid alignment (speculation).

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