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Backup USB Exported Playlist

Dear All,

I have all my database on my computer drive but all they playlist are created on each USB unit.

In the past, I used to copy all the content (even the hidden one) from one USB unit to another and that worked in order to have a CDJ functional backup. This means, if I conect the USB with the copied information (not exported from Rekorbox) all the music and playlist were there  on my CDJ.

Now, if I copy from my rekorkbox exported flashdrive to another USB flashdrive, when I connect the copied one to my CDJ i only get music but no playlist.

I only have playlist on my flashdrive, i dont have them on my main database.

Is there a way to just backup a USB flashdrive? If not, how can i transfer back my playlist from my USB to my main database in order to export them to each pendrive?

Important: all my music has never been removed, i always use the same database but i usually create playlist on flashdrive level as i don have the same one  in all my USB unit.

Loooking forward into your help.

Thanks in advance!!

Julian Gonzalez 回答済み



The drive cannot be cloned. The playlist and tracks need to be exported again from rekordbox.

Mark Gallo
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