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Rekordbox DJ on Multiple Macs with Nexus/DDJ RZ Setups & External Drive

Hey Guys. Until recently I've been using Rekordbox on my home Mac keeping my music in iTunes and exporting analysed files with Cue Points etc. to USB memory sticks for use with CDJ/DJM Nexus systems. I have recently acquired a DDJ RZ Controller with an additional MacBook Pro and external  thunderbolt drive (MDOS formatted). This means I am now running Rekordbox DJ on 2 Macs (one with master iTunes Library were all my Rekordbox analysis &edits are done, and one portable for moving Rekorbox DJ around with my DDJ RZ).

Clearly I have to move my Rekordbox data onto the external drive for use with the 2 systems. Can anyone please advise on the best  procedure for doing this given the above scenario - suggestions on file structure on the external  drive taking into account the DDJ RX Sample Files etc. would also be I appreciated. Many thanks in advance for any advice you can give. Cheers, Sean



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