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DDJ RX & CDJ900nxs - recordbox DJ!

Hello. Can I CDJ900nxs the DDJ RX with use at Rcordbox dj ? So therefore 2 decks DDJ & 2 decks CDJs ? without the audio cable to connect to the DDJ RX and CDJs per netwerk ?

Markus Georges 回答済み



Yes. You can use the CDJs to control two decks while the DDJ controls the other two. Simply connect the USBs from each device to your computer and leave all of the audio inputs set to "PC" on the RX, with the RX assigned as the only audio interface within the rekordbox settings. There is no need to connect the network cable unless you plan on using the CDJs to play from a USB drive, in which case you'll want to connect the audio outputs from the CDJs to the RX as well, then switch the channel input selector to "LINE" when you do so.

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