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Settings are not rememberd in Rekordbox

Hi there,


Every update I'm curious to see if the bugs I reported are fixed. But unfortunately they are still existing...

So here we go again:

FX bank:
If you choose to use one effect with multiple parameters instead of three effects with one parameter in your FX bank, it will be set to three effects again at the next reboot.

Tempo range:
The sync function stay's on when loading a new track. If the tempo is way off it leads to unexpected results. When you choose to have a max tempo range of 6 or 10, after a while suddenly it is on max! So if you use your temposlider it can be way off suddenly! Resetting these controls when loading a new track would be the solution. Like in Traktor,

Another one, I don't want Rekordbox to autostart a track. But when a track has completely run out till the end and you load a new track, it will autostart, even when you have set autostart off.

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These issues have already been reported and passed along to the product team.  Thank you.

Mark Gallo
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Thanks dude i was about to write same bugs.

The point is if Rekordbox wants to earn Traktor's customers like most of us, they should give everything what Traktor has and than new features 

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I have a lot of bugs to but nobody replyed my tread si I wil post it here so maybe it tracks atention :)

My bugs (I use the ddj rx):

So the first problem: Is it me or is it imposible to Backspin on the ddj-rx? When backspinning the track stay's most of the time relative to the jogweel and somtime it just work's as it would, and it is even more imposible to backspin multiple time after eatch other because it just stops directly? If you don't know what I mean watch this video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0Kc_erpRrfKeVVBSGV4VkpkZlU/view?usp=docslist_api

Problem 2, Is there no butten on the controler to change deck mode to 2 deck mode or 4 deck mode etc etc? And I also don't seem to find it in the midi mapping manager?

Problem 3: why does the track keep playing when it is finished? And if I load a track after it ends by itself the track I load just start's automaticly and if you're channel is the open then you are screwed. Is there a setting for that maybe?

Problem 4: somthime the costum user color fx modes switch places? Or is it just me?

Problem 5: why can't I play from my exported reckorbox libary usb drive (that works on cdj's) in performence mode? I can only see him in export mode, and also why cant I import my playlist with my tracks? It has to have the same tracks on the laptop so why doesn't it uses the track on the drive to import it?

Problem 6: setting utility in audio settings don't work on my laptop with the ddj rx conected with the asio driver, so I can't set it up properly and because of that I need to have a bufer of 256 samplers with the ddj rx and I can have a 128 samplers setting without problem with the on board audio of my laptop. So how can I fix this?

And then there are other smal problemes like when disconecting or switching a audiodriver the latency reset's itself to his (high) standard setting and also I can't "adjust" the beatgrid when the track is paused on my ddj-rx controler.

For the rest is reckordbox dj a awsome pice of software and is a really stable software for a software as young as reckordbox dj. So now I only hope that I can fix those isues.

Also is there a way to report bugst to pioneer itself trough email or the pioneer site or somthing?

So of you know somthing and can help me that wil be awsome!

Thanks a lot!

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