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Any follow-up on the Windows 11 ASIO Stuttering?

I'm seeing a case where a very capable Windows laptop (running on mains, not battery) connected to an XDJ-XZ is stuttering playback in performance mode as soon as Rekordbox is not in focus. Even something as simple as opening file explorer with nothing else open causes Rekordbox and playback to stutter.

It seems like it could be related to this thread raised last year, is there any follow-up from the developers on what they found on this?


Some more details below on this particular case and what we've tried already that hasn't had an effect:

 - MSI Sword 15 A11UD-220AU - i7-11800H - RTX3050Ti - 16GBRAM
 - Updated RB and XZ Firmware to latest versions
 - Set the Rekordbox.exe process to Realtime Process Priority
 - Set Advanced Performance Options in Windows to prioritise Background Services
 - Run Rekordbox as administrator
 - Increase the XZ ASIO driver buffer size
 - Set Windows Power mode to Best Performance

Grant Derepas