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Recover a deleted Playlist in Rekordbox 6.7.3


I deleted a important playlist by accidentaly hitting the delete button. Normaly you get a warning and you have to confirm if you want to delete this playlist. You get this message after deleting it with your right mouse click option. Not with the delete button, it's just gone, I did'nt know and ofcourse Rekordbox has no undo function.

So in my AppData Roaming folder I see different files.





I know that the right one to reinstall is master.backup2. Which file do I have to Rename? The master or master.backup? And I saved these 4 files in my documents last night. Can I go in AppData Roaming folder and replace this 4 files with the current (latest backups after reclosing) via copy past? Hope to hear from you guys.

Kind regards, Richard

Richard Rodermond




rekordbox should show a dialog when deleting track/playlist with Delete key.
Unfortunately, rekordbox doesn't have undo function to recover playlist/track deleted unexpectedly.

We recommend regularly backup library with File->Library->Backup Library.

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Hey there Gabriel - I did something similar to Richard, and the files that Richard pointed out should hold the backed-up data that he's looking for. Do you mind checking with your eng/product teams and getting the answer to his question?

Here is an example of how to do this with rekordbox 5: https://www.djresource.eu/Forum/topic/37866/Rekordbox-recover-deleted-Playlists/

The issue that Richard and I have is that we don't know how to do that in rekordbox 6 because apparently the database files are titled master.X rather than datefile.X


Here's what I did, and I would also appreciate help:

1) I accidentally deleted a key playlist that I had spent hours on, as there's no undo feature. 

2) After reading available help files for rekordbox 5, I closed rekordbox 6.6 and did the following: 

3) I renamed master.db to master.db.old (to save it) (and btw I saved my entire pioneer/rekordbox folder to another location)

4) I renamed master.backup2.db to master.db. 

5) When I opened rekordbox 6.6 i basically had no files. I was concerned. 

6) I closed it. Reopened it, and I had all of my music from the backed up file (albeit I had lost the last couple hours of work). Fine, I want to trudge on, however...

7) I can no longer make changes in rekordbox. When I try to create a playlist or move a song in a playlist or set a cue point, it doesn't let me. What's going on? 

Thank you for your help.



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