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4.2.1 DDJ-RZ Platter response - a bug or feature?

Pulse/Keiko and others --

I'm running the new 4.2.1 and noticed now that touching the platters causes it to slow down gradually.  It now takes into account the touch/brake dial, which I normally have all the way to the right. Previously a touch would make it stop instantly regardless of what the dial was set at.  Of course it I scratch it behaves as normal. Is this a new feature / mode of operation or a small bug that has crept in?  Noticed this in the buggy 4.2 version released earlier too.


 Not a big deal either  because I can use the dial to change it either way.. just curious, really..



DJ Chase 回答済み



Hi Harry J,

Yes, This is a new feature in rekordbox 4.2.0.

Tomoharu Kirihara
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