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Update Collection/Sync Not working after live session

Have you read the "READ ME FIRST" thread in its entirety AND TRIED THE SOLUTIONS THERE before posting


YES I swear it ; )

-Rekordbox Version: 4.1.2

- I used 4.2 for 1.5 days before reverting back to 4.1.2 because I seemed to get every bug that came with it.

-Mac OS X

-CDJS are up to date

I did a practice session yesterday. I went to update my collection from the device to Rekordbox on my computer. It finishes and appears to be ok. But when I go into my Rekordbox collection the changes aren't reflected. If I scroll down to my device, I can still see the cue points, hot cues, etc in the same songs. I then tried to use the Sync Manager bridge to update cue point/grid info. Same thing happens. All appears to be updated, but when viewing the songs in the actual collection the update has not been successful. I tried everything I can think of except updating rekordbox which i can't risk doing. Ejected drive, restarted computer, online, offline, etc. Nothing works.

Would really love some help on this as I have a set I need to do, but before exporting new music onto my drive I need to make sure these cues are successfully uploaded into my collection!

Thanks so much

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