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driver installer doesnt work

hey guys

I got my ddj rb today

and now im struggling to install the audio driver

it just always freezes I tried everything but nothing helps!

do you guys have any solutions?

ive got win 10 home 64 Bit

Robert Istvan 回答済み



Hello Robert,

It seems that the ASIO driver does not work with DDJ-RB.
Will you please follow the steps below to reinstall the ASIO driver?
1. Disconnect the DDJ-RB from your computer.
2. Close rekordbox DJ.
3. Open the Control Panel and uninstall DDJ-RB driver from "Programs and Features".  
4. Reboot Windows.
5. Install the DDJ-RB driver again. 
6. Connect the DDJ-RB to your PC.
7. Launch rekordbox DJ.

* Please note: Do not install the driver while rekordbox DJ is running. If you do so, you will have issues in driver update. 

If you still have any issues after doing the above steps, please send us the screenshot of your computer. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. 
Thank you for your kind cooperation.

Best regards,
CRM, Pioneer DJ

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