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Hot cue / auto load problems

having a nightmare with these hotcues and memory cues.

I have a track, standard house track, i set a Hot Cue at the start, about 8 bars in, and i set a red loop memory cue at the back end of the track, in rekord box i clicked 'enable auto load hot cue' - when i load the track on the CDJ nxs2 it loads to the looping memory cue at the back of the track.

Why is this?

Other tracks seem to be ok.

what i want is to set my Hot Cue A as where i want it to load up from, am i going the right way about this?

I select where i want the track to begin/load from - click hot cue A in rekord box, then right click the track and select 'enable auto load hot cue' 

thanks for any help


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Auto-loading the hot cue has nothing to do with the track cueing:

Check that box and you should have the track load up to that hot cue A.

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