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Output routing is not working well with the XDJ-R1 with RecordboxDJ.

I am a DJ who plays in a lot of Venue's, Pub's, Bar Dancings, Clubs and sometimes on festivals. Mostly that places have a CDJs DJM setup. But at 2 of BarDancings have a XDJ-R1. I mosty play there with Traktor but the last 2 months I switch over to RekordboxDJ. Now I want try to play with Recordboxdj but the output routing is not working well. The XDJ push out the output for both channels on the 1 Channel of the mixer. In Traktor the output routing is set to extern and that is working well. But in Rekordbox the output routing is set to intern. And there are no possiblity's to put it on extern. Extern seems to be gray if the unit is connected. If you put the output routing to Intern in Traktor you have the same problem there. The mixer in the XDJ-R1 is not midi. It is a stand alone mixer. Thats why it not working well in intern mode. Can Pioneer fix that please. I want to work with one labrary and don't wabt to work with 2 or 3 kind of software. Please a Fix. 

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Rekordbox dj is supported only "INTERNAL MIXER MODE" for XDJ-R1 now.


And XDJ-R1 is supported MIDI & "INTERNAL MIXER MODE".

Would you try it?


1. Press the [MIDI] button. [MIDI CONTROL] will appears on the main unit display.

2. Press the [INFO(UTILITY)] button for over 1 second.

3. Turn the rotary selector, select [MIXER MODE], then press the rotary selector.

4. Turn the rotary selector, select the [PC] mode.

5. To colese the [UTILITY] screen, press the [INFO(UTILITY)] button.


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