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Quick on the fly sample create and delete

Dear Pioneer,

When I want to create a sample I first need to make a loop before I can capture the sample with an already preretirement loop/sample size.
This makes it hard to create samples on the fly, without interrupting the music by playing a loop I don't want to use at that moment but later on.

I noticed that If I'm in sampler mode and I press and hold the capture button and the slot I want to create the sample in without making al loop first, the auto beat loop button starts to blink indicating that I need to make al loop first before I can capture the sample.

Why not program the software so that instead of blinking it actually quickly enables the loop for the already set Sample/loop size creates the sample and disables the auto loop as soon as I let go of the sample button slot.

This way I can make a sample on the fly really quick without interruption.

Can you also have a look at deleting a particular sample, using for instance.

Capture + Shift + Sample slot to quickly delete the sample so I don't need to grab my mouse all the time to manage the samples.

I hope you like this idea.

Kind regards Leon


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Thanks for your feedback.  This feature has been previously requested.

Mark Gallo
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