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Rekordbox Playback issues

Dear Pioneer

I am having some trouble with my Rekordbox DJ 4.2.

The program freezes approx. 3 hours into my set, and stops playing. It have happend this weekend, and two weeks before that one time.

The Pioneer DJ equipment was different every gig, so i am now turning my suspission into my computer.

Anything I can do to prevent this, cause it really bothering me, not to have an reliable platform to perform on!!

I have the latest version of Rekordbox and good quality Midi cables. Computer specs:
Macbook Pro MD 101
512GB SSD Harddisk
16GB Ram
Version of rekordbox 4.2.1


Kasper Hollænder 回答済み



Hi Kasper Hollænder,

Sorry to hear about these issues. Could I please direct you to file a support inquiry here?

Our rekordbox team will be happy to assist you.

Tomoharu Kirihara
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