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Maschine integration (VST)



I love what you are doing to competition. I can suggest to consider Maschine integration somehow or via VST. Overall all Traktor users are fed u with waiting for Maschine integration. This is probably mos awaited feature since 5 years, ignored by NI compeltely. I am sure they are working on it now with Traktor 3 which I predict will happen on Christmas or so (or they are screved).

Anyways, Maschine integration released by Pionner now would completely destroy Traktor situation on the market. Plus it would attract a lot of current Traktor users to Rekordbox. I am one of many people annoyed by NI ignrance in this topic. Thisnk what it would to to NI. It would destroy them or at eas it will hurt them a lot.
I am waiting for Rekordbox to polish midi features mode and I am switching for sure.

Keep up good work. Happpy to see you in the ring Pioneer. Wll done.

Mike Pardus