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How to Sync Itunes Smart playlists with Rekordbox on Dutch Windows (option feed from other playlist not available in RB)

Hi , i am figuring out how to import smartplaylists from Itunes on a dutch windows 10 to rekordbox 4, main reason in Itunes you can feed a smartplaylist from an other smartplaylist

Example :
Smart playlist 1 - Genre = Deep House
Smart playlist 2 - feed from Playlist 1 but BPM 120 to 125
Smart playlist 3 - feed from playlist 2 but Rating is 5 stars

Just to give you an idea, also i can put them all in a folder in itunes and clone/copy them and then use all the playlist again easy by editing them for Genre Techno , and don't have to recreate all parameters again , just changing the playlist where he has to select files from

The problem i am facing is i can't get any of playlist from Itunes in to Rekordbox . On a dutch windows the path is different but i figure that out through the pref windows but rekordbox expect a XML file of itunes libary in the Itunes folder but gets now a itl file

The sync manager don't work aswell , can anyboy help me

Note: this is my inspiration Create all your DJ Boxes as smartplaylist and let it fill with your new tracks by adding tags and get it updated automaticlyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJpm2p-nNqg

Thanks in advance