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Toraiz thoughts.

Had this lovely instrument 2 days now and really played around with it. 
Its heavy and reliable but def need some more attention to get its full right potential. I love drum machines and have everything from Roland tr909 to Quasimidi rave-o-lution 309 and DSI Tempest to both ableton push and maschine studio MIDI controllers, so im fairly familiar with the options of workflow there are out there. 

Here are what I would love to see in coming updates. 

more sends in mixer view, at least 1 more separate effect !


mute override if option "hold + repeat" is enabled for touch strip for "fills"

(lets see if you might understand me ; lets say there a snare pattern sequenced but during the build up before break end one want to make a fill with touchstrip and repeat. its really tricky to both mute off the pad, go back from mute to track, create desired fill pattern live, let beat drop and mute the pattern again..=


cue (as in pioneer dj equipment cue play) function on stop button while project already being stopped .


UNDO options for deleting projects or one more "ok" button to press ) accidentally removed what i thought i was opening as i was in the delete menu instead of open..


alternatively instead of having different menus for open/delete/duplicate - use a normal list of choices.


exponential / logarithmic option on knobs in mixer / sends, either as a shift button or increase the more you turn.


+1 - record automation

+1 - enable touch slider parameters to already sequenced pads and not only by pressing.

+1 - enable effect send in touch slider

+1 folder management - move files, rename, create folders.. , option in setting to rename project and not make copy of project.


toggle / nudge audio during MIDI sync. at least as delay.


chromatic / major / minor scale option


arpeggiator option for scale, maybe throughout user 1/user 2 touch strip settings. change melody up/down etc..


option of secondary function on TRACK button. while selecting the pad it plays the sound.

in live situations this might not be wanted but just to select the pad itself without playing its sound.

Maybe this could be an settings option to not play the pads sound if there is a sequence for that particular pad already ?

(I'm aware this is possible on the touch screen but live this can be a bit fiddly..)


change LPF HPF filter starting points to a dry state, now while adding the effect its already wet.

changing this would allow for smoother filtering.


MONO option for stereo samples,

(let say you have awesome hihat but recorded hard right, panning in mixer won't affect it. mono option would allow this to be played in both L+R.


I might be dumb but isn't it possible to play more patterns simultaneously than one times 16 pads?

I know there is patterns and scenes but these are possible to arrange in an order not on top of each other. My 909 only has one layer but my maschine studio has several "groups" of 16 sound able to play on top of each other.



Douglas Poppelman




Thank you, I am moving this to Product Feature Suggestions!

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The roadmap was a good improvement with live looping sampling added but was disappointed to see no mention of removing the 32 second sample limit.  Also being able to untrigger a loop by hitting the same pad again should be added... more trigger mode options. Also time stretching algorithm needs to be tightened up a bit, transients get lost if you slow it down.  Also a few different time stretching options should be available.. More than 16 samples per scene, should be able to access more banks.. Should be able to select multiple channels in the mixer and raise and lower the volume all at once. And finally.. Master compressor limiter or glue the tracks together. thank you.

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