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Lift the Playlist limit for Rekordbox App iOS

Today you can easily Export an existing Playlist from your main Rekordbox system (e.g. on OSX or Win) to your connected iOS device running the mobile Rekordbox App.

However this is limited to playlists containing no more than 1000 tracks.

This limit is really bad and should be lifted to at best unlimited number of tracks, like in the Rekordbox system itself!

Reason: All modern Pioneer players, like the CDJs or XDJs (incl. the RX) support playlists with more than 1000 tracks.

In addition, the real advantage of connecting a mobile Rekordbox App device (e.g. an iPhone or iPad with e.g. 256GB) is the capability to quickly perform a text search in your entire library.

The current 1000 track limit however makes it really annoying to transfer your entire music collection to your iOS Rekorkbox App.

So please lift or remove the current 1000 tracks export limit!



Bernd Niedergesäß