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hdj 2000

Salve...volevo chiedere se esiste un sito internet dove posso comprare questo ricambio. Grazie 

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Pioneer has been my choice of professional equipment for many years, from workmanship to performance throughout my professional life. Although it's been a little over 2yrs since I purchased my Pioneer HDJ-2000 headphones ($325.00), I am disappointed that the ear covers did not stand up to the quality of what I expected from Pioneer. The ear pads have become worn through a short period of use. It detaches from the headphones constantly during use. I am unable to use these headphones due to the fact that they are uncomfortable especially the time that they fell off of my head on stage. Then to further my embarrassment, as I was attempting to catch them in mid-air, my music was interrupted from yanking out the wire connection by mistake. Needless to say, the promoters where not pleased with the performance. 


Since then, I purchased the V-Moda headsets for less and was very happy with it's quality. With that said, I prefer to have the Pioneer brand headphones on display, alongside the rest of my vast array of Pioneer Equipment, when I am performing on stage.


Thank you


DJ Remi

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