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Feature request: EQ/ISO point customization

The LOW EQ/ISO knob cuts too much of the low mid on all Pioneer mixers I've tested.

I own the DJM-900nxs2 and the manual says "-26dB to +6dB (20Hz)" on page 11. Yeah sure, how come it cuts all the way to 150Hz?
(The manual says 30kHz for the HIGH knob too, uh that's above hearing range. Wonder what the Q looks like.)

Typically I'd love my LOW knob to only cut the sub frequencies, not take out the warmth from vocals..... Since it's all digital why not put cutoff freqs as a setting in your future line? I'll actually upgrade from nxs2 to nxs3 if this was added. Yes my MID's Q would have to adapt to actually control 85Hz~5kHz. Pretty wide but that would be my choice.

[Request translatable to RekordboxDJ too. Even VDJ has it]

Leo Le Taro