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Tempo Nudge

I had some problems using the Tempo nudge and Looped Samples.

Say I have a Kick drum running on the sequencer and play a Top Drums Loop on Top.

If i know want to use the Tempo Nudge Buttons on the BPM Screen, it moves the Played notes from the Sequencer. But the Looped Samples remain the same.

Now the loop is off beat.

Is there an option, if i use the tempo nudge it moves everything and not just the sequenced notes?

Jay Dot



hello jay, 

I tried to recreate your issue but when I hit the nudge everything moves together. I did not get anything not changing tempo.

Do you have your loop set too M.TMP on the time stretch Setting?

Let me know, thanks

Dj Creme
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if i have the loop sequenced on the first step of the sequencer, it will are adjust as soon as it reaches the first step.

If i start the loop with out having it sequenced, it will not adjust to the tempo nudge at all. it will remain at the same position.

Yes. Loop is set to M.TMP

Jay Dot 0 票
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