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Eject problems - 128GB USB

Im using a Sandisk Extrem PRO 128GB USB stick to hold my music collection, synchronized with the "sync manager" in Rekordbox. Everything works fine, but when I try to eject the USB with the "USB stop" button, the light under starts blinking, and it takes at least a minute for this to finish till the light turns off and I can safely eject my stick. Is this always the case with big memories? My 64GB sticks doesnt have the same problem. 

Last time I was playing at a bar with CDJs 2000 nexus, and the light never stopped blinking, so I just dragged the stick directly.

The problem is that I never know if the stick is corrupted or not, and sometimes if it gets corrupted some players like the RX3 usually give lots of problems in the middle of a gig. So what I´ve been forced to do is to reformat my usb stick and sync the whole library again, which takes at least two hours, and sometimes I do it dont even knowing if the usb stick is corrupted or not.

Is there a way to know if usbs are corrupted or not? Is there a better way to handle 128GB usb sticks? Is this behaviour normal? 

Dj Masaya




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I have been facing the same issues too with my RB USB drives & also using SanDisk 128GB Ultra & RX3s. 
I *think* it could be different factors: The USB being a large size & RB tracks. Always reading/writing/removing tracks from the USB drive, plugging in & ejecting the drive from the CDJ.

I think it could be general wear-and-tear... But having said that, my most newest USB is same brand/model, only bought a few months back and was ejecting rather quickly when i started using it but now is facing same slow ejecting issues on CDJs

Anyways, i hope Pioneer can shed some light onto the possible issue

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