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Rekordbox Filter Feature...

Hi there,

First time posting, looking for some help. I've recently moved to Rekordbox from Djay Pro AI, with a recent purchase of the flagship FLX10. 

A few quality of life features which i've noticed would be helpful. When im mixing with stems (huge feature of the flx 10) i noticed that the STEM FX are locked to the Filter FX (colour FX) also. I using a mixing technique where i will filter the song whilst applying reverb to just the vocal for an ambient transition. However, because the Colour FX and Beat FX are locked together this just isn't possible. Would be nice toggle on/off feature in the setting for people who'd like it that way. 

Secondly, and this isn't even close to a big deal. If i'm holding down one of the hot cues to listen to a track, i'm not able to add other hot cues whist the first one is held down. If i use the large orange 'cue' button, you CAN do this, so it's strange that you can't do it with the hot cues. 

Lastly! To do with the headphone cue. Would be really nice, if when using the crossfader, it automatically switched the headphone cue to the opposite deck. For example, if im playing channel 1, with the crossfader on A, listening to headphones on deck 2 with cue. When i slide the crossfader over to B and channel 2 the cue automatically hops over to cue on channel 1. Would save so much time and potential ear damage. Again this could just be a toggle on or off, for people who prefer the typical CDJ setup. 

Anyway, i look forward to responses. Really hoping Pioneer are more on the ball with this kind of thing than other companies where i have voiced opinions and been met with utter silence. 


Thanks again. 


Thomas Rowland




Hi Thomas,

Thank you for your comment.

I have now forwarded it over to our Product Planning team so we can review it and add it to our list of considered future developments.

Again, thank you for your suggestions and for helping us build a better product.

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