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CDJ-2000 nexus waveform color palette

Maybe I'll be lucky and they'll answer me)

I can't find the dynamic waveform color picker inside the CDJ-2000 nexus.

I studied the tftb assy firmware dump. I found GUI palettes in it and even changed them and inverted them. But these changes do not affect the waveforms themselves.

I moved on. Using a logic analyzer, I connected to the display's RGB bus. From the recorded electrical signals, I got a screenshot, a picture with the exact color codes of each pixel on the display. It was a lot of work.

Now I have the exact 7 color codes for the CDJ-2000 nexus waveform, but I still can't find them inside the firmware dump. I do not find an arithmetic relationship between colors if they are obtained using coefficients.

Is this palette really loaded from main assy, during initialization, or every time a new track is loaded? Should I look for them in the main assy dump? Maybe the palette is stored in the analysis files, although this is unlikely... Any information would be interesting.