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rekordbox Phrasing is not transferred to stick

Hello everyone, I have my first gig in the club on Friday with a proper setup with lighting etc. That's why I wanted to check everything again and check the analyzes of my tracks. When I checked all the lighting settings, I noticed that the thumbnail for the lighting system showed everything correctly for my local tracks, but not for the tracks that are on my stick. However, I analyze all my tracks with phrasing and transfer them normally to my stick (which is formatted to FAT32) in the Export Manager like everyone else. Question is whether it is normal that no phrasings (and thumbnails for the lighting system) are displayed for tracks that I load from my stick)? So do I have to worry about the lighting system not working on Friday? I would be very happy about any help and wish you a pleasant evening.
Pascal Wolf




Yes, that is normal. 

Only rekordbox can show the lighting thumbnail. 

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