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More feature suggestions...

Hi there! As a rekorDBox user and fan, I'd like to make my contribution. Here's my list of suggestions for rekorDBox (some of these ideas may have already been proposed) :
1. Polyrhythmic beatgridding
The ability to choose the number of beats between the red markers. It's possible to add various values, which can be fixed numbers (3-3-3, 4-4-4, 5-5-5) or sequences of alternating numbers (3-2-3-2, 3-2-2-3-2-2...). 
2. Extended BPM range
Extend the minimum BPM value from 40 to 0 (it helps with some pop songs that end with a speed decrease) and the maximum value from 499 to 1.000 at least... (Extratone DJs would love that...)
3. Dynamic Key Gridding
For songs that have a variable key (starts in 8A and ends in 3A, for example), allows to tell where a key change occurs and what are those keys.
4. Genre and artist splitting
Allows rekorDBox to separate (or not) different genres/artists in its category filters, by reading track's id3 tags. Separation would take place where the elements are separated by (let's say) semicolons.
5. Extended FX
Adding some Pioneer DJ gear effects to rekorDBox :
-Beat FX : Beat Divide (from CDJ-900NXS), Fader Synth, Chorus, Time Sweep Echo, Shimmer...
-Color FX : Ring Mod, DJM-850's Gate effect, Humanizer, Vocoder, Fuzz...
-Release FX (from XDJ-RX3) : Mute, Build-Up and Ducking
While we're at it, here's two new ideas for Beat FX : Enigma Phase (like the Enigma Jet, but based on phaser) and Sway (it's a Roll effect that goes back and forth)
6. Traffic Light improvement
Coloring track's keys according to their harmonic compatibility level :
-Same key = green
-Related Key 1 = yellow-green
-Related Key 2 = yellow
-Related Key 3 = orange
-All other keys = red
7. Six players
Controlling six virtual decks.
8. Multilayer video mixing
Combining up to six layers of video content at once (only works for powerful computers, I guess...).
9. Smart Master Tempo
Allows to apply Master Tempo to Inst and Vocal stems, but not Drums (they usually sounds bad below 0%).
10. Auto Master Tempo
When moving the pitch slider, the track's key is stabilized by increments of one semitone, depending on the nearest semitone (like an auto-tune effect). Both Smart MT and Auto MT functions should be compatible with each other.
11. Multi-type match track
Allows to create and choose one or more criteria when matching two songs (can be helpful when matching two tracks for unusual reasons...).
12. ProDJLink Multinet
Splitting a ProDJLink network into two meta-networks (Alpha and Beta), both share the same track library but each has its master and sync players.
13. Phrase Editing improvement
Currently, when rekorDBox analyzes the energy of the track and "decides" to give it a certain phrase set, it is impossible to change it (that's unbearable :/).
The idea is for rekordbox to give each track the same phrase set (Intro, Verse, Up, Chorus, Down, Bridge and Outro). When it comes to edit the track's phrases, the DJ labels each part of the track with the right phrase type; then, he assigns a number to each phrase.
14. Deck Swap
Changes track and playback status between two decks (be careful with the levels and EQs positions when swapping decks!).
15. Meta-loop and Meta-Slip Loop
The ability to create small loops and slip loops inside longer loops (allows to introduce some rhythmic variation to a long instrumental section that is already looped, for example).
16. Bridge Cue
The user places two cue points 'alpha' and 'beta' anywhere in the track. When playing, the track will automatically jump to the 'beta' cue point when it reaches the 'alpha' cue point, and viceversa. This affects playback (forward or reverse), scratch, beat jump, loop and jog search. In case of need, each bridge cue point can be moved to another position.
17. Polyrhythmic Auto Beat Loops
Like the CDJ-3000 (3/4 - 1 - 3/2 - 3 - 5 - 6 - 7 and 9 lengths). And don't forget the 1/3!
18. Smart Key Sync/Shift
Remember Smart Master Tempo? Same thing here, but for both Key Sync and Key Shift.
19. Extended MyTag function
Increases the maximum number of tags for each category (currently 50, I think...) and add two new boolean operators NOT-AND (displays all tracks that fail to match, at least, one of the chosen tags) and NOT-OR (displays all tracks that don't match any of the chosen tags)
20. Energy Level analyze
Analyzes the overall energy level for each track and stores it in the database.
21. Compressor knob for each deck
Mike Costa