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Can't login to SoundCloud with SoundCloud Go+ Subscription

I am new to RekordBox and have signed up for the creative plan which comes with a 30 day free trial.  I have also signed up with SoundCloud Go+ which has 30 days free trial too.  I am using my Goggle Account as identification.  RekordBox is installed on my PC with the firewall disabled.  When I log in to SoundCloud in RekordBox, a SoundCloud Window opens where I can select to sign into my soundcloud accout or try it free for 30 days.  I then select to sign in to my account.  Google Chrome then opens with my details asking to allo rekordbox 6.6 access to my soundcloud account.  I select connect and continue.  The window then says it will close in 3 seconds however it then takes me to the https://soundcloud.com/discover page and rekordbox says in order to dj with soundcloud tracks, you need to upgrade to SoundCloud Go+ or SoundCloud DJ.  I can't successfully log in to SoundCloud.  I am using RekordBox 6.7.6

Gary Te Young