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Opus Quad Streaming Tidal, Beatport, Amazon music yet? cheezzzee!

Good Morning Pioneer! Does Opus Quad have streaming services yet??? Helllllooo, I'm waiting for you all to have this update so I can go out and buy the Opus! I'm hoping you have already included this option in the firmware update or one that will come soon. i'm a mobile dj with the XZ and the Rev 7. Love the XZ....that's my wedding and regular gig go to. I want an upgrade so hope the Opus will fit that slot but waiting for the streaming!!!!!!  I'm looking at Denon 4+ so please don't take too long as that is old tech for Denon. I stick with Pioneer for the high quality...but your tech is behind the times! hoping the Opus bridges the gap in tech for you guys. I use Tidal and hope you can at least have that or may any of the affordable streaming services so that everyone can benefit. don't pick any of the unaffordable ones out there...that would be a mistake. Or just keep it open so that we can chose and keep them competitive thus keeping the price fair and affordable. Oh, and sampling capability in stand alone like the Denon 4+ has, wow, I would loooovvvve that! then I could really ditch my laptop. thks!





The Opus Quad currently does not support any streaming services in stand alone mode. 

If you connect it to rekordbox Performance Mode, then you can access the streaming services that are available currently in rekordbox. (ie. Beatport Link, Beatsource, SoundCloud and Tidal).

But thank you for your feedback. I have forwarded the feedback to the product planning team. 

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