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Best and cheapest mixer for rmx 500 with send/return port...

Hi all, I have a rmx 500 and use to have a ddj sx(sold already). Now, I am planning to buy a dj controller or mixer, which has send/return feature for my rmx 500. I want rmx to connect only to one channel to add effects to my vocal samples and on other channels want to play some beats. Please guide me on this. I use trakor pro 3 and a huge fan of traktor. I have my mind set of s4 mk3 but not sure that my rmx 500 can be used with that via send/return. I am also ready to spend a few bucks on a 2 channel mixer which as send/return feature to use my rmx 500. I have a very limited knowledge about this so please excuse me If I am writing something wrong. Please throw some light on this. I am totally confused. 

Amit Sharma