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New 1.2 Toraiz Firmware - Rendering

I was looking at the new 1.2 manual on Rendering Patterns or Arrangements. It looks like the maximum file size allowed for rendering audio is 2 gigs and not 32 seconds. That's good. So, here is my question: can the Toraiz playback our rendered file? I know that sounds like a very stupid question but unless the 32 second playback limitation is lifted, the answer appears to be no.

It just seems a little odd to be able to render an audio file as large as 2 gigs but yet in order to hear it, you must play that file on another piece of equipment. Did I miss something here?



Clay McClain



hello Clay,

Yes currently you can render audio up to 2 gigs in file size but the 32 second limitation is still there. This function is more for rendering your final track and being able to share it or play it off the USB on other equipment. 

We have notified the production team that there is a high demand for lifting the 32 sec limitation. 

Thank you for your feedback. 

Dj Creme
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Even with the 32 second playback limit, I guess the render function is useful so you can record a set, or arrangement / track you play without having to have a computer or other recorder handy to capture it.


Having said that, I'd love if they remove the 32 second limit - I see no direct competition with their CDJ range, so unless it is a bona fide technical limitation, c'mon Pioneer !!!

Simon Fine 1 票
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Lifting the 32 second limit is perhaps the greatest change y'all could make to allow the Toraiz to become my primary live performance unit. At that point I'd be able to recommend the Toraiz to everyone in the SF SJ circuit without question :)

James Womack 0 票
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