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USB connection to MAC & USB Stick Save & Solo?

Hi, Newbie here, so excuse any naivety, 

I Can't seem to find any documentation in the manual or online regarding connection between the Toraiz and an apple computer. It does for PC, but not Mac. I've plugged it in via the USB cable provided, but the apple mac doesn't recognise it as a USB mass storage device. Nothing comes up. Is there something I am missing? I want to transfer files directly from my Mac to the Toraiz.

Secondly, when using a USB stick in the Toraiz, how can I save the files from the USB stick to the internal memory of the Toraiz? So those files show up in the samples folders. And avoid carrying a USB stick in the unit.

One last thing, is there a SOLO button I am missing? Clearly see the mute, but surely theres a solo option? 

Would appreciate any help on these. Many thanks :)

Hayley Walker 回答済み



hello Hayley,

You can connect the toraiz to your mac but you have to put the unit in USB Mass Storage Mode in the utility menu. See link below for you details. 

Once the toraiz shows up on the computer you can transfer files/samples into the unit. 

Hope this answers your questions. thanks


Dj Creme
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Hi Hayley,

Not sure about your first 2 questions but to solo tracks just hold down the shift button while hitting a pad in mute mode. That will single out that pad for you.

Ray Robinson 3 1 票
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Hi Ray, 

Many thanks for the help with the SOLO function :)

Anybody else have an idea regarding my other two points?

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